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Our First Priority is Safety


JP Piping Systems has implemented an Intergrated OH&S Systems Policy that ensures our first priority is Safety. This system has programs in place that provide the necessary information, instruction and training that enables all employees/stakeholders to understand their responsabilities. We are committed to indentify, assess and control safety, environmental and hazards by utilising appropriate risk management tools. Providing sufficient and suitable resources to implement and maintain management systems by engaging suitably qualified, skilled and experienced people.


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Our Safety Statitics below reflect our safety commitment:


SAFETY STATISTICS FY 2012/2013 FY 2013/2014 FY 2014/2015

 FY 2015/2016

Fatalities 0 0 0


Lost Time Injuries (LTI) 0 0 0


Medical Treatment Injuries (MTI) 1 1 0


First Aid Treatment Injuries (FAI) 0 0 0


Injury Severity Rate 2.51 2.51 0


Total Hours Worked 79567 79533 56092


Environmental Breaches 0 0 0




Worker's Compensation Rates


Due to our impeccably low non claim work-related injury policies through Work Cover our premium rate is very low and always has been - This means our claims experience has been noted that it is better than others in our industry. The below table outlines our recent premium history. You can use this information to compare our performance against the industry. The Government Gazetted Rate is commonly referred to as the Industry Rate.


Fund Year Trade/category classification and description Government Gazetted Rate (%) Premium Rate Assessed (%)
2016 (310915) Other Heavy & Civil Engineering Construction 2.068 0.372
2015 (310915) Other Heavy & Civil Engineering Construction 2.005 0.377
2014 (310915) Other Heavy & Civil Engineering Construction 1.982 0.408
2013 (310915) Other Heavy & Civil Engineering Construction 2.502 0.602